This site is for Natasha Laflin. Artist, illustrator, daughter, partner and above all mother

In January 2008, aged 40, Natasha Laflin suddenly and unexpectedly suffered a severe brain haemorrhage. The result of a congenital malformation of blood vessels on her brain stem, the bleed was so serious it was almost deemed inoperable. Against the odds – an initial prognosis of brain death, giving way to permanent vegetative state, then locked in syndrome – Natasha survived.

However despite many, many serious setbacks and four years in institutions we are a long way from these dark days.

We are now raising funds to help her take the next step forward: to help modify Natasha’s family home, to prevent her from becoming institutionalised and get her right back into the community she loves, back with her children family and friends.

We want Natasha to be all she can and achieve the most dignified and independent future possible.


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